Pasito a Pasito Australian Made Leather Baby Shoes

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About Us

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Family business from Melbourne Australia.

Hi everyone! We are Patricia and Antonio from Melbourne Australia, and together we would like to welcome you to our website Pasito a Pasito shoes but first we would like to tell you a little about us.

We are a small family originally from Chile, but living in Australia for nearly two decades.
Coming to Australia as young students, we decided to call Australia home after finishing our studies and also after falling in love with each other and Australia.

We had come with a passion for the Arts and crafts from Chile and decided to run our own business, by creating handmade products.
We then commenced a long period of research and brainstorming for business ideas and finally, we decided to make shoes for babies and toddlers. (this also coincided with our firstborn)

As our confidence and abilities grew we decided to tackle the craft markets. We are now regulars at such markets as Craftmarkets Australia and emu plains market to name a few.

But why shoes? What would make them different from the rest? Why would people would prefer to buy from us?

Well, our secret is that all of our shoes are 100% handmade by us. 

  • Natural leather purchased from local suppliers
  • Quality and craftsmanship 
  • love

To bring you the unique and totally Australian hand made Pasito a Pasito Shoes.



In Conclusion...

PASITO A PASITO has been like a child for us learning to walk. The first steps were difficult, and also challenging, but with practice and perseverance those first attempts became steps and those steps became PASITO A PASITO.

As you might know all our shoes are handmade with love and dedication.
We produce them in the “old ways”:

  • By cutting with scissors.
  •  Gluing with a brush.
  •  Hammering the tacks.
  •  By hand and holding the leather straight while stitching
    Each piece together with skill and accuracy.

We use nothing but the best leather and materials available in Australia, and we are proud of that because supporting Australian businesses especially small family owned businesses, is very important for us.

“We make our shoes with pride and dedication. It is our goal to make your children feel comfortable, secure but also stylish while wearing shoes coming from an Australian small family business called PASITO A PASITO shoes.”


The best part about our small business is that PASITO a PASITO gives me (Patricia) the privilege and opportunity to work from home managing my own time around the business but also seeing our children to grow. Another advantage is knowing that whenever I need a hand my husband is always willing to give me one and vice versa.
PASITO a PASITO is undoubtedly an important part of our lives now and we really hope we can also be the product you want your little one to wear during the first little steps of their lives.



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