Pasito a Pasito Australian Made Leather Baby Shoes

Please read our Terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Terms & Conditions

- Australian Made


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Our Product.

Pasito a Pasito shoes are a 100% Handmade product, therefore any minor
imperfections are due to either the materials or during the manufacturing
Please read this section to make sure you know what to do when a product
is faulty, the wrong size or if you change your mind about our products and
would like an exchange.

- T&C's -

Terms and Conditions

section 1  

Ours shoes  

As mention above all our shoes are 100% handmade even though we manufacture them with love and care minor details might be present in the shoes, our shoes are made with 100% natural leather and imperfection might be shown in the leather due to the nature of it. 

Section 2   

what to do if your shoes are faulty or wrong one. 

Section 2.1  

Faulty or with major defects  

For us you and your little one very important so we are happy to give you full credit for the price of the shoe, exchanging or give you a full refund if the shoes are faulty this includes any major defect or problems when received. 

As an example: 

If you received your shoes and there is a visible major fault as for example tear on leather, stains on leather or any major problem will be covered under this policy. 

Another example will be: 

Once you have received the shoes and your child start to wear them and the stitching starts to come apart or the sole starts to separate from the bottom of the shoe we might consider exchanging them for a new pair. 

Normal wear and tear does not apply to this policy.  

Section 2.2 

Wrong shoe, color or size sent by us 

Not what you expected do not worry we have always have a solution for it. 

As and example 

You purchased a pair of T-bar white and we sent you a blue pair 

or you asked for a shoe size 4 and we sent you a 5 in those cases we will be more than happy to exchange them either in a market that you can attend or by postal services. 

For this policy to be applied we must be contacted first to address the issue, we will ask you to return the shoes either by postage or returning them at a market that we might attend. 

Also the shoe must be returned unworn and with the original packaging, if the shoe was worn this policy will be void. 

if you require more information or would like to contact us about any of the matter above please send us an email.

Section 3 Exchanges 

as parents we do not always get it right but do nott worry we understand and we are here to help. 

It is all about getting the right one for the little one so we are more than happy for you to exchange the shoes if you change your mind.  

To be able to do that you must return the items in their original condition within 14 days after receiving your order 

The shoes must be unworn before returning them and all postal services will be at your expense, once we have received the shoes and inspected them we will contact you to discuss the exchange. 

If you purchased over the website and wish to come and exchange them in a Market that we will be attending, you are more than welcome to do so but please do contact us before doing that as we need to be aware of the situation.  

For more information about exchanges please send us and email.

section 4 stock availability and postal services 

4.1 stock and availability  

we will always try to keep you and your little one happy. 

when purchasing our handmade shoes please keep in mind that we try to keep a permanent stock of our shoes (excluding the premium line) therefore the shoes that you have purchased might be ready for postage but in the case that we do not have it in stock, we will contact you and make you aware of the situation and we will do our best to have it done as soon as possible, it usually takes us around 5 days to make a new pair of shoe so we should have it posted withing 7 days since your purchased was made. 

4.2 postal services 

There are two postage services available, Standard and Express services that you can choose from when purchasing from us, once the purchase has been made we will contact you within 24hr to confirm that we have the shoe in stock and proceed with the postage. 

Unfortunately we do not have control over the amount of time that you might have to wait to received our beautiful handmade shoes but we can give you and estimated time frame to look at: 

Estimated delivery times 

2-3 working days for Melbourne and Melbourne metro Area 

4-5 working days for rural delivery 

Due to the COVID-19 postal services have been affected and delivery times might be affected.  

For international buyers please contact us to arrange international postage  

Section 5 

Premium line and made to Order 

we know that sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for but we are here for you to help you to get what you want, as you know we Handmade our shoes therefore we can make them of your liking so in this section we will go over our Premium line and made to order alternative. 

Section 5.1  

Premium Line 

We are super happy and excited to introduce the Premium line to our website we are always looking for new and awesome leathers so that we can offer you exactly what you are looking for. 

In our handmade premium line you will discover a limited edition line this is an exclusive alternative and as mentioned before limited, so what does it means?  

This simply means that we have a limited amount of leathers in various colors or designed that can be made into shoes and once we run of out material we wont be able to make them anymore. 

This premium line is available in all sizes 0 to 7 in most leather unless specified for only a few sizes.  


Made to order  

Do you see something that you like but not in the color that you want? 

Not a problem we can make it happen for you, the advantage of all our shoes been handmade by us is that we can give you exactly want you want when possible. 

So for example: 

If you would like a T-Bar in black with a sot sole in size 7 we can make it happen, do you want a two color shoe… we can make it happen too.  

The designs and color combinations are endless and we are here to help and make it happen for you 

if you would like more information about our premium line and/or made to order section please send us and email.