Pasito a Pasito Australian Made Leather Baby Shoes

Pasito a pasito baby leather shoes australian made

Our Sizes

Baby and Toddler Shoe size chart

Getting the right size for your little one it is important and should not be so complicated so Pasito a Pasito is here to help.

We have made this size chart for you to easily identify what size you need.
All you need to do is to measure the length of the little feet from the heel to the tip toe and add to that another 1cm and you are ready to order


Keep in Mind....

The size chart should be use just as a guide only as Children’s feet can vary in length even when they are the same age, we recommend for you to measure those little feet to make sure you get the right size.

If unsure please do not hesitate on contacting us


Our Shoe soles

A crucial and very important part of our handmade shoes, we make our shoes with two types of soles:

  • soft sole for pre walkers made of soft suede for newborn to size 2
  • Neo lite rubber sole fitted in our shoes for sizes 3 to 7.

For the pre walkers we have designed them with a soft suede leather sole that gives the freedom for those little feet to move inside the shoe without restriction.

That is very important as they need to get their legs and feet strong before the actual bones starts to form.

“Did you know that baby feet are made of soft, flexible cartilage that will harden over time till their teens and that is why your baby feet are flat first and gradually develop their final shape.”

For the walkers sizes 3 to 7 we use a 3.5 mm Neo lite rubber sole this particular product is:

  • wearing resistant
  • durable, flexible
  • Anti-slip compared to the Eva foam sole used by many other shoemakers which over time loses its shape and anti-slip properties.