Pasito a Pasito Australian Made Leather Baby Shoes

- Casual Collection -

Natural Leather.


Pasito a pasito

Handmade Leather Sandals

- Australian Made

Stylish Sandals

A more than Ideal shoe for the hot Australian summer.

Or for a casual shoe preferred by mums as an alternative style for day-care or kindergarten.

Our handmade Sandals are made with our 100% natural leather and can be found in our two styles, closed and open toe. 

  • The closed toe style is completely covered at the front.
  • The open toe style are open at the front where the little toes can be seen through the cut at the front of the shoe.

Just like all our Handmade shoes the Sandals are fitted with a flexible and wear resistant leather inner sole to protect those little feet.
We have also in the aim of giving your child all the help that they need to gain confidence in those first few steps, added extra support at the back of the shoe.

This helps by supporting the back heel and ankle when either walking, running like crazy, or playing like a little chipmunk.
 Pasito a Pasito Shoes will cover your precious little feet with style and comfort while they explore the world.

Check out our Custom Shop where you can get the buckle replaced with velcro.


- Summer range

Our Summer range or all rounder casual at home shoe. All leather and Australian made.


Boots made from 100% natural leather, suede, printed leather and embossed leather. Sourced by Aussie suppliers.

Pasito a Pasito

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