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Pasito a pasito thinks that your children deserve the best and with our beautiful handcrafted accessories you can make sure they will.



Pasito pasito Hair bows
Dummy and Hair bows

Australian made


- Hand made

Pasito a pasito understands that your children deserve the best, and with our beautiful handcrafted accessories you can make sure they will have the most amazing and unique accessories to either match their beautiful shoes or favourite outfit. 

We have designed and handcrafted beautiful leather dummy clips and Hair bows to match our fabulous range of our leather baby shoes.

Or just to match one of their favourite outfits. So we welcome you to have a look at our accessories made just for your special little person.

- Hair Bows

- Dummy Clips


Hair bows & Dummy Clips

Hair bows

Looking for a perfect matching accessory for their shoes or an outfit? Look no further. 

Our beautiful handmade bows are for sure an eye-catching accessory for any girl, we have two styles available to choose from 

Mia styles a 10 cm long triple layers hair bow and Emma a 10 cm classic hair bow style, both made with our beautiful, soft and durable leather available in a wide range of colours. 

All our bows can be purchased as a single bow or double bow pack, with the options of hair clips or elastic headbands. 

Get two bows for $18 special or a single for $10. 

Dummy Clips

Does your little one love their dummy but keeps losing it? Don’t you worry any more we have the solution. 

 Pasito a pasito has designed and made gorgeous and practical dummy clips so your little one can have their dummy close to them for whenever they need them while looking at their best, our dummy clips are 25 cm long by 2 cm wide with a strong plastic clip to attached to their clothing and on the other end a button clip to secure the dummy and have them ready to use. 

Like our other accessories we have them in a wide variety of colours to choose from, so they can either match our handmade shoes or their favourite outfit  

Pasito pasito Hair bows
- hair bows

Exciting new range from pasito a pasito

Pasito pasito Hair bows
- Hair bows

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Pasito pasito Hair bows
- Hair bows

Beautiful colours and textures available

Dummy and Hair bows
- Dummy clips

Dummy clips available online now

- Dummy clips

Get your matching Dummy clips when purchasing shoes

Hair bows available with two attachment options..

Hair Clips

Hair bows also available in two styles....

Mia Bow
Mia Style
Emma Bow
Emma Style