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We are super happy and excited to introduce the Custom Shop. We are always on the look out for new and unique leather designs. If you didn’t find the pattern or design your looking for check out our Colour Chart and Size chart or contact us.

Our Custom Shop means you can pick the leather (colour/pattern), then the style of shoe you desire (Boots, TBar, Mary Jane or Sandal). Then email us with all that information, and we create a purchase order and get busy making those Shoes. (turn around usually 1 week).

In our more exclusive patterns like Crocodile, Ostrich and our Snake skins, these patterns are limited editions.  These are in short supply or purely once offs, and as mentioned before, limited so what does it mean?

  • This simply means that a leather, Suede pattern or style is getting very difficult to acquire. Thus, we offer the remainder of our leather in the Custom Shop.
  • We constantly will be changing our Colours as we purchase and try new designs.
  • We are constantly evolving and trying new leathers so our customers get unique products.

This Custom Shop is available in all sizes 0 to 7 in most leather unless specified. Check our Colours here. 

In this line you might see:

  • Ostrich, Snake skin, Crocodile, or even Kangaroo.
  • Gold and Silver
  • All our regular colours and sizes
  • Exclusive to Custom Shop: Velcro straps
Pasito a pasito Colour wheel

Custom Shop...

Create your own Shoes.....

Do you see something that you like but not in the colour that you want? 

Not a problem we can make it happen for you, the advantage of all our shoes been handmade by us is that we can give you exactly want you want when possible.

So for example:

  • If you would like a T-Bar in black with a sole in size 7 we can make it happen.
  •  Do you want a two colour shoe… we can make it happen too.
  • The designs and colour combinations are endless, and we are here to help and make it happen for you

Check out our Colours

send us an email if you have your selection of colour style and size. Even if you dont send us an email with your number and we can have a chat.

- Custom Shop

the beauty of the Custom shop is that it constantly changing as we explore new patterns and designs. Get your unique limited production Shoe from Pasito a Pasito


Shoes made from 100% natural leather, suede, printed leather and embossed leather. Sourced by Aussie suppliers.

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