Suede Boots Size 0-7


We also offer a small range of colours in Suede. This is only for our Boots range

Our Beautiful handcrafted Classic Boots, one of Australians favourite style, handmade by us with 100% soft and durable Suede.

  • Our Boots has also been fitted with a flexible and wearing resistant leather inner sole.
  • Our Boots lets your little one gain confidence when starting to walk, with added extra support at the back of the shoe that assists by supporting the back heel and ankle when either walking or running.
  • Our Suede comes from local suppliers

Now let’s talk about that little elastic band around the ankle area, this helps you to easily put the shoes on, but at the same time makes it hard for little people to get them off.

  • This is something that we are really proud of, because as parents ourselves we know that every little bit helps

All our Suede boots are available in a small range of colours the classic boots are available from size 0 to 7.

Select the size you need for your Child.

Remember that:

  • Size 0-2 come in a Leather Sole
  • Size 3-7 have a Neo-lite Flexible rubber Sole
  • If you are not sure of the size check our size chart
  • if you have any questions please contact us

*Please note some Photos might not be the correct size as indicated on the description.