Premium Range Size 0-7


In our handmade premium line you will discover a “limited edition” production this is an exclusive alternative to our Usual Shoes:

  • Unique patterns
  • Unique Textures
  • Unique Colours

In our constant search for different material we come across limited edition releases, and we take this and make small production runs.

Once the material runs out there are no more shoes made in this style, giving the product a Premium Limited edition Unique flavour.

This premium line is available in all sizes 0 to 7 and as we are always searching for material our line changes constantly

  • Don’t forget to always check our colours to see what’s new.
  • From Sizes 0-2 there is the soft sole option
  • From Sizes 3-7 there is the neolite flexible rubber sole
  • All styles available (Boots – Sandals – Mary Janes – TBars)

    *Ostrich only Available in Boots.

  • Not all pictures of every style available, just go by Colours.